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The Hotel

Albergo La Pineta offers a relaxing stay and a easy access to the bathing resort. The hotel has been built in 1952 on a green hill facing Andora’s harbor and has been fully refurbished throughout the years.

Family-owned business

Albergo La Pineta has been managed by Baroncelli’s family since 1957. The hotel has been bought by Emilio and Ervina that begun the activity as hosts. Albergo La Pineta has always been a passionate, detail-oriented, family-owned business. Nowadays, Paola and Giovanni are running the hotel, continuing the family tradition and giving you a warm welcome to La Pineta.

Andora’s Bay

The Gulf of Andora faces the Mar Ligure and is located between two capes: Capo Mele and Capo Rollo.

Andora was born as a Greek colony and became a Roman settlement along the Via Iulia Augusta. It is still possible to visit the ancient ruins of the Roman aqueduct and bridge.